Weight Loss

Weight Loss

You have weight loss goals, but you also have a hectic life with little time to cook or meal prep. Sometimes, the health goals and the time constraints do not go hand-in-hand. Many of us are living a life on the go.   Trying to sneak in a day of balanced eating is sometimes next to impossible. This is why protein bars are sometimes a lifesaver when trying to lose weight.   […]

If you’ve never heard of a fat bomb before, then you might have some questions. Maybe you’ve recently started keto, and in your search for keto-friendly snacks, you’ve come across some delicious sounding fat bomb recipes. Or perhaps, you’re still researching the keto diet, and that’s how you found this rather aggressive sounding snack. Regardless of how you discovered fat bombs, you’re wondering how something named “chocolate keto fat bomb” could […]

MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, are a popular supplement for anyone who follows a low-carb or ketogenic diet. This type of fatty acid usually comes from coconut or palm oil, and seems to have many benefits even for those not following a special diet. There is a long list of potential benefits from using MCT oil, but a few still need more backing from research. That being said, there are some solid, […]

What is Sunflower Oil? Sunflower oil is made from the seeds of a sunflower plant. There is much debate over whether or not sunflower oil is healthy in general, and particularly over whether or not it’s healthy for keto dieters. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all sunflower oil is considered equal, and the health benefits depend on the type of sunflower oil. There are four main […]

Fasting has a pretty interesting reputation in the health and fitness world. A huge body of evidence suggests that fasting – limiting your caloric intake for a prolonged period can have numerous benefits including weight loss, improved immune function, improved cognitive function, and even an increased life-space. And yet, many people don’t fast. Why? Put simply: it feels wrong. Years of fitness mythology and general, but wrong, advice has led to […]

Whey protein powder – by far one of the most popular supplements out there – tends to be associated with a particular class of exerciser. Specifically, people generally think of big, muscle-bound, bodybuilder-types chugging whey protein shakes several times a day in an effort to bulk up. Unfortunately, this limited view has meant that plenty of people have missed out on a powerful and underpublicized benefit of whey: weight loss. How […]

Maybe you didn’t feel like cooking, or you had a toothache, or it was 100 degrees out and you didn’t want to consume anything that wasn’t frosty and cold. But the question remains – can a protein shake replace a meal? Of course, the short answer is “yes”! We’ll get into the specifics shortly, but a protein shake can certainly replace a meal.   Which meals can a protein shake replace? […]

If you’re busy and constantly on the go (who isn’t?), you probably struggle to keep up with following a healthy, balanced diet from time to time. Some days, it’s just quicker and easier to grab something at the gas station on the way to work, or hit the drive-thru on the way home. When this situation happens more often than not, chances are that you notice it starting to catch up […]

Losing weight is difficult, especially when you have an uber-busy life. Who really has time to plan and prep all those meals while making sure they’re nutritionally balanced and delicious? If this sounds like you, meal replacement shakes might be the trick. There’s nothing to prepare ahead of time – and at the very most, you might have to combine a powdered shake mix with liquid in a shaker cup. It’s […]

Whether or not you’re following the ketogenic diet, you’ve probably heard the word “ketosis” floating around recently. You might have a vague idea of what it means, but let’s find out how ketosis works.   What is ketosis? First, in order to understand how it works, we need to know what ketosis is. Essentially, nutritional ketosis is a metabolic state that occurs when your body is required to switch from carbohydrates […]