Fitness Tips

Fitness Tips

Believe it or not, you don’t need access to an expensive gym to build muscle. What you do need is a basic understanding of some principles and a set of dumbbells. Muscle is built through the application of three simple rules. To build muscle you must progressively lift heavier and heavier weights provide your body with enough nutrients provide your body with enough rest to utilize those nutrients and repair damaged […]

One of the most common questions that comes up when discussing workout practices has to do with timing: Are morning workouts better than afternoon or evening sessions? At first, it seems like it might not even matter. After all, a workout is a workout, right? Also… mornings are hard. As it turns out, though, there are some pretty solid reasons to consider working out in the mornings.   Hormonal Edge First […]

Fasting has a pretty interesting reputation in the health and fitness world. A huge body of evidence suggests that fasting – limiting your caloric intake for a prolonged period can have numerous benefits including weight loss, improved immune function, improved cognitive function, and even an increased life-space. And yet, many people don’t fast. Why? Put simply: it feels wrong. Years of fitness mythology and general, but wrong, advice has led to […]

When the new year comes around, a lot of us make the effort to try and introduce a new, healthier lifestyle. This often takes the form of creating a New Year’s fitness resolution. However, whether you’re looking to gain muscle or lose weight, fitness resolutions can have a bad reputation. Most people don’t find themselves achieving their goals because, by the time it’s February, their fitness mission has been forgotten. Achieving […]

Introducing the new year is also a great time to introduce a new, healthier lifestyle. New Year’s Resolutions do not have a great reputation. Many of us want a fresh start to really get our fitness goals on track, but few truly know where to start. Despite all the good intentions built into these annual promises to self, things don’t normally pan out the way that the resolver planned. Most of […]

Winter can be a challenging time for athletes out there. Even if you’re able to perform most of your workouts indoors, the cold, gray days can sap your energy and motivation. Frustratingly, winter is the perfect time to prepare for all your summer goals. So, how do you keep progressing while the days are cold and short? Here are five winter workouts tips to help you stay motivated?   1) Learn […]

Supplements can be a tricky business. There is a wide variety of ingredients and formulas available on the market, all of which can take a long time to wade through and understand. Choosing the right supplement for your health, wellness and fitness needs becomes even more confusing and challenging when you take a look at all of the unsubstantiated claims made by manufacturers. Still, a carefully-chosen supplement has the potential to […]

If you can’t make it to the gym, whether it’s because of your schedule, or social distancing guidelines to prevent an outbreak, you may be tempted to skip workouts. But this is no time to lose your motivation to exercise. Now more than ever, you need to stay fit to boost your immune function, cardiovascular health, and to keep your mood elevated.  Not to mention, you still need to keep making […]

While fitness is pretty much all about building routines, that structure can become a problem at times. As you repeat the same actions over and over, they no longer leave a lasting impression in your memory. Each even just sort of blurs together to create an effect known as Groundhog Day Syndrome. So, how can you get out of this rut? How can you change things while still moving toward your […]

People vary greatly in their view of gym-time. For some, it’s a social experience meant to be shared  with just about everyone with whom it could possibly be shared. Others, though, take a much more solitary approach – isolating themselves as much as possible As it turns it out, though, the extroverts out there might have an advantage here. According to an ever-growing body of research, there are lots of benefits […]