Building Muscle

Building Muscle

When you’re trying to gain muscle, it’s important that you make sure you’re getting in the nutrients you need on a daily basis. Without the right nutrition, you’re going to find it a lot more difficult to even recover from a strenuous workout, let alone promote the growth of your muscle tissue. This is one of the reasons why meal planning and following a nutritionally dense diet is so important, considering […]

Building muscle can be an extremely frustrating process. Often, people feel like they’re doing everything right and still struggle to meet their goals. It’s important to realize, right away, that building muscle is a complicated procedure that involves everything from your diet to your workouts and your sleep. There is, however, a relatively small dietary change that you can make that has been shown to help: eating protein every three hours. […]

Creatine powder is, by far, the most widely studied and commonly used sports supplement out there. In fact, thanks to “proprietary blends” people often take creatine powder as part of their other supplement without ever knowing it. There is one debate, however, that continues to rage surrounding the ever-popular supplement: When is the best time to take creatine powder? What Does Creatine Do? To be able to answer that question, it’s […]

There are tons of different lifting programs out there, promoting through books, websites, blogs, magazines and every other possible type of media you can think of. But few of these programs get any degree of notoriety. A stunning exception, however, is Starting Strength by famed coach and fitness writer Mark Rippetoe. Detailed in the book Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training, and numerous websites, the workout is fairly simple but highly successful. […]

Losing weight is a bit of a tricky process, for several reasons. First of all, it’s hard. But, the real challenge is making sure that you lose the right kind of weight. When you start cutting – and burning – lots of calories, there’s a very real concern that some of your muscle could also be turned on while all that fat is being used up. So, how do you stop […]

Building big, impressive muscles is a complicated procedure. Of course, a well-designed weightlifting program is vital. But, the truth is that lots of people zealously follow some pretty fantastic workouts and yet see no real progress toward their bodybuilding goals. So what’s the problem? Nutrition. Why is your diet so important? How can you design your nutrition in a way that will complement your weightlifting routine and get you results you’re […]

You know that, to bulk up, you need protein. But, as a vegetarian, that can seem like a pretty daunting task. Of course, a properly constructed plant-based diet can provide plenty of protein for clean bulk, but it will take some work. So, we’d like to help you get started. Here is a basic vegetarians’ guide to clean bulking, complete with some helpful principles to help you put on all that […]

The idea that you can skip meals and gain muscle mass probably seems a little strange. According to an ever-growing body of research, though, Intermittent Fasting – purposefully skipping meals – could actually do just that: help to encourage muscle growth But, how can this be true? After all, won’t your body start to devour your muscle for fuel if you go without food for too long? Exercise, Fasting and Repairs […]

  Although protein powder has lots of uses – many of which impact your overall health – people usually take it with one thing in mind: hypertrophy. Protein powder, most of the time is all about muscle growth. But how, exactly, does this process work? Hypertrophy: The Basics First, we have to start with what causes muscles to grow. How does hypertrophy work? When you exercise, your muscles are damaged – […]

Summer can be a tricky time for athletes and exercisers. Of course, you want to look your best for beach season – which generally means losing weight. Unfortunately, cutting back on calories can also decrease your strength and even have broad impacts on your athletic performance. Which can be a real problem when competition seasons rolls around again in the fall. Even for those who do not compete, just losing fat […]