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Protein Bar Recipes

Protein Bar Recipes

Most of the time, store-bought protein bars really aren’t the best nutritional choice you could make. Stuffed with added sugar, preservatives and other additives, these products tend to have more than you would think in common with candy bars. Fortunately, you can get around this by craft your own protein bars. Here’s a recipe, to get you started, for a delicious coconut and vanilla whey protein bar. ½ cup vanilla whey […]

It’s pretty common knowledge that most commercially protein bars are little more than glorified candy bars. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get around this nutritional trap. In fact, you can pretty easily craft your own protein bars that are healthy, nutritionally balanced and convenient – without all the extra stuff you don’t want or need. As a starting point, try out this chocolate peanut butter protein bar recipe. 1 ½ […]

We have exciting news: It’s blueberry season! Even if you don’t grow your own, this means that you can now load up on the delicious, extremely nutritious berries at a much lower price then they go for the rest of the year. But, how can you put all those blueberries to good use? This simple recipe is a perfect solution. Not only does it make good use of all the micronutrient-packed […]

If you’re like most people, you pretty much use your whey protein for one thing and one thing only – shakes. You toss it in your blender bottle with some water, or milk if you’re feeling adventurous, and that’s that. This is sad. Whey can do such more than that. So, to get you started with some of the other terrific uses of whey protein, here are three great-tasting whey protein […]