High Protein Breakfast Recipes

High Protein Breakfast Recipes

If you’re like most people, you pretty much use your whey protein for one thing and one thing only – shakes. You toss it in your blender bottle with some water, or milk if you’re feeling adventurous, and that’s that. This is sad. Whey can do such more than that. So, to get you started with some of the other terrific uses of whey protein, here are three great-tasting whey protein […]

There are really so many things you can do with protein powder beyond just the standard, toss-it-in-a-shaker-bottle-with-water rut that people so easily fall into. To help you get out of that routine and appreciate some of these possibilities, here’s a simple recipe for blueberry protein pancakes. ½ cup old fashioned oatmeal 1/3 cup egg whites 1 scoop Naked Nutrition Vanilla protein powder 1 tbsp flaxseed, ground ¼ ripe banana 1 tbsp […]

Despite its traditional image as the breakfast food, oatmeal really isn’t a very nutritionally sound way to start your day. Although it does have some protein to offer, oatmeal is largely just carbs – with varying amounts of fat depending on how you prepare it. But, with a few simply adjustments, this classic, comforting way to start your day can be much more nutritionally balanced and filling. 3/4 cup rolled oats […]

Banana muffins are pretty fantastic. But they aren’t exactly what most fitness-minded individuals would consider “healthy.” Not without a few tweaks, at least. To show you what we mean, here’s a recipe for banana protein muffins. You can easily make thee ahead and freeze them or enjoy them fresh. 1 large banana, peeled ¾c egg whites 1/2c nonfat, plain Greek yogurt 3/4c oats 2 scoops Naked Nutrition Vanilla protein powder 2tbsp […]

There’s a pretty good chance that, once you started cleaning up your diet, you just accepted certain foods as gone forever. Sugar drenched cereals likely had a pretty high place on the list of causalities. Fear not! We have good news! With this recipe, you can have a protein-rich, healthy alternative to those cocoa puffs you miss so much. 1 cup flour ¼ cup Naked Nutrition Chocolate Protein Powder ¼ cup […]

Like other protein powders, egg white protein powder is an extremely versatile and useful product. Compared to whey or other powders, though, egg white protein powder has a pretty unique advantage: it’s made of eggs. Granted, that seems like an obvious thing but it can have some huge benefits when it comes to baking and other uses since eggs will naturally help make your recipes more moist and fluffy. To get […]

One of the most interesting and useful aspects of egg white protein powder is that it’s basically just an egg white. This means that, with a little creativity and adaptability, you can use egg white protein powder in a very similar way to how you might use eggs. To help you get started cooking with this highly nutritious, protein-rich powder, here is a recipe for breakfast muffins that you can easily […]

Over the past couple of years, protein pancakes have pretty much taken over the internet. The idea that you can take the carb-and-fat laden pancake and transform it into a protein-rich meal is pretty incredible. But, there are tons of different ways this can be done. This recipe is specifically designed to help you build lean mass and gain weight. As such, we’re going to use a weight-gain protein powder instead […]

Here’s a great recipe on FoxNews.com that features Naked Nutrition’s whey protein. INGREDIENTS 2 whole eggs 1 large banana 4 scoops Naked Whey protein powder 1/2 cup of milk 1/2 cup of oat or quinoa flour 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (to taste) 1/2 teaspoon baking soda (optional to make a fluffier waffle) PREPARATION Step 1: Mix all the ingredients together either by hand or using a blender/food processor. Step 2: Spray […]

Studies have found that a high protein breakfast (over 35g) can contribute to weight loss efforts by keeping you full longer and warding off food cravings later in the day. You know that breakfast is important – you’ve heard it your whole life. The fact is, though, that by loading up on sugar and fat first thing in the morning most people aren’t doing breakfast right.  So, to get you started, […]