Whey Protein Powder

Whey Protein Powder

It seems like the world of health and fitness – especially as far as supplements are concerned – is constantly undergoing a flood of buzzwords. In light of this onslaught, it can be tempting to ignore certain word or phrases that we see attached to specific products. So, when you see things like “pasture-fed” or “grass-fed” on a tub of whey protein, what do you think? Does it actually matter? Feedlots […]

For plenty of people, whey protein powder is associated with one thing: bulking. When we see shaker cups, we think of big, muscly bodybuilders chugging gallons of the stuff. In truth, though, this is only part of the picture. It is true that whey protein powder can be a great way to support muscle growth. When used properly, though, whey can also be a powerful weapon against body fat. How exactly […]

Let’s just start with this: All whey protein powders are not created equal. Manufacturers generally start with low-quality whey, which is then over-processed and finally filled with a host of harmful or unnecessary additives – stuffing the tub with something that only barely resembles the original ingredient. So, when you’re selecting a whey protein powder, what should you look for? Grass-fed – The majority of dairy cows in the United States […]

Generally, when people look at the nutrition and ingredient information on a tub of whey protein, they’re pretty much concerned with once thing: the protein content. And, really, this makes sense. After all, it is a protein supplement. Knowing this, manufacturers do all they can to up the concentration of that all-important macronutrient in hopes of attracting and keeping customers. There’s a pretty significant problem with this approach, though. Whey is […]

When you buy a whey protein supplement you probably have some pretty clear expectations. For starters, you probably aren’t looking for a long list of ingredients. After all, whey protein should logically only include one thing: whey protein. And yet, this is very rarely the case. Since whey is naturally almost flavorless, powder manufacturers add all sorts of things to manipulate the flavor and appearance of the final product. Of course, […]

As our understanding of the human body (gradually) increases, it’s becoming increasingly clear that what we eat isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to nutrition. That much has been pretty apparent for a long time. But science is now beginning to demonstrate that what our food eats can also have a powerful impact on our health. For example, health conscious carnivores have been favoring grass-fed cows over grain-fed […]

We get a lot of questions here at Naked Nutrition what makes Naked Whey so great so we’d like to break down the differences. First, Naked Whey is a United States product through and through and comes, from grass-fed cows in Northern California. It’s very rare that a protein brand will tell you where its raw ingredients come from, and the reason is: they don’t want to tell you. Protein prices […]

Whey protein is the best-selling protein powder, but many people are satisfied to use it without knowing what makes it so great. We’re going to breakdown the effects whey protein has on your body, and what to look for when shopping for a quality whey protein. Number 1: Whey Supports Fat Loss Whey protein supports fat loss in two major ways: 1. It improves metabolism through muscle building 2. It boosts […]