Whey Protein Powder

Whey Protein Powder

There are tons of buzzwords that get tossed around the health and fitness world, particularly when it comes to nutrition. Sometimes, these are actually really important concepts that can have a major impact on your health. In most cases, however, they are little more than hype and clever advertising. It makes sense, then, to be wary of all the different adjectives that get attached to your whey protein. But, there’s one […]

Truly eating “clean” is a pretty big undertaking. While the exact definition is actually a fairly controversial point, clean eaters from all camps can generally agree on one, underlying principle: Clean eating is about picking whole, minimally-processed, nutrient-dense foods. Contrary to how it might sound, clean eating is not a highly-restrictive diet. In fact, working from that primary rule, clean eating allows you a wide variety of healthy, delicious choices. Or […]

When it comes to whey protein, you have three main choices: whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate. Although they all begin life the same way, each of these options is processed in different ways and, therefore, offers a slightly different end-product. In this post, however, we’re going to focus specifically on whey protein isolate. What, exactly, is it? How does it differ from the other whey offerings? […]

Whey protein is, by far, one of the most common supplements out there. The simple powder, available in a wide range of types and flavors, is offered by a huge number of companies and used by ton of athletes and casual exercisers – all hoping to use whey to accomplish their individual goals. Interestingly, though, many people don’t actually know all that much about whey. What, exactly, is it? Where does […]

As we’ve discussed before, there are plenty of whey protein powders available to you – and many have similar talking points. But you may have also noticed that Naked Nutrition is committed to bringing you the absolute best. In our quest to do so, we routinely compare ourselves to similar brands, just to make sure we’re doing a good job. This week, we’re going to take a look at Tera’s whey […]

You likely already have a basic understanding of what whey protein is. However, when it comes to all the adjectives that get thrown around when it comes time to purchase protein powder, where do you even start? Concentrate, isolate, hydrolysate… what does it all mean? Let’s go back to basics and focus on one of the simplest descriptors used for whey protein: lean. What exactly is lean whey protein? What does […]

There are tons of different companies selling protein powders and – of course – each claims to have some distinct advantage. But Naked Nutrition works hard to guarantee the absolute best product available and, to prove it, we’re going to compare our protein powders with some of the others out there. This week: Impact Whey Protein by Myprotein. Sourcing The first thing you should consider when comparing two different proteins is […]

There’s lots of good stuff in whey protein supplements – not just protein. But, thanks to those other components, sometimes concerns or misconceptions tend to pop up. The fat content of whey, for example, has raised some concerns over the cholesterol in whey protein. Let’s take a closer look at the fats in whey and see how these can influence your cholesterol levels. First, though, we need to discuss the different […]

For some reason, Americans are only just starting to get comfortable with goat’s milk and its products. Cows rule the dairy landscape here. Increasingly, however, goat’s milk, cheese and even whey are becoming common. Seeing that, you might wonder: What’s the difference? How does goat whey protein compare to the traditional cow whey protein? The Similarities First, let’s start with what makes them similar products. Of course, the process that creates […]

At first, it would seem like whey protein would be a fairly straightforward topic, right? I mean, it’s the nutrient-rich, liquid portion of milk. Pretty easy stuff. When you look at your options, though, there are tons of different variations of whey, all claiming superiority. Often, the difference here comes down to processing. After all, how does a white, slightly bitter liquid go to that powder in your tub? What are […]