Whey Protein Powder

Whey Protein Powder

The world of supplements is full of a dizzying array of choices. Even things that you would think would be relatively straightforward come in an ever-increasing number of variations and forms. This can be frustrating, intimidating, and just plain annoying. More importantly, it can trick you into spending more money than you need to on a dressed-up version of a perfectly fine supplement. This lack of a straightforward options was the guiding […]

Whey protein is a hugely popular dietary supplement and is pretty much universally seen as being “healthy.” Generally, though, people only equate whey protein powder with muscle growth, fat loss and improved athletic performance. In truth, it has a lot more to offer. Specifically, modern research has found that whey protein is a rich source of several powerful antioxidants. But, what does that mean? Why is why particularly useful? What are […]

Generally, people tend to associate whey protein powder with athletes or those looking to pack on some muscle. The truth, however, is that this common nutritional supplement has a huge variety of potential benefits – particularly if it’s a grass fed protein powder. What are some of these extra, oft-forgotten perks? Why is grass fed protein powder superior than some of the other options out there? Why Food Matters Let’s start […]

Suddenly, coconut has become hugely popular. And we aren’t just talking about the fruit itself. No, you’re pretty likely to encounter coconut water, coconut milk, coconut flour and coconut oil pretty regularly. One coconut derivative that you may also see frequently is coconut sugar. But, whenever anything becomes this popular this quickly, it’s pretty natural to take a skeptical view. Is coconut sugar even that healthy? Is it any better than […]

It’s probably pretty safe to assume that you take whey protein powder because you know that it’s good for you. You likely do not even consider the idea that whey could be hurting you in some way. The sad – and dangerous – truth, though, is that many whey proteins are doing exactly that. How? What’s the potential danger of taking whey? What can you do to keep yourself safe? Hidden […]

Whey protein is very seldom just whey protein anymore. Most of the time, when you glance over the tubs stacked up at the store, tons of different phrases decorate the labels – all claiming superiority. Two phrases that you might have seen – including on the products offered by Naked Nutrition – are “cold processed” and “grass fed.” Why do these terms matter? What exactly is cold-processed grass fed whey? Cold […]

In the minds of most people, whey protein powder is directly linked with packing on lean muscle. And for good reason; The popular protein powder is extremely good at supporting muscle growth. But, it’s not just as simple as grabbing the first whey you see. There are tons of different types of whey out there, and everyone claims that their particular blend is somehow superior and will pile on more muscle […]

You may have encountered grass-fed whey in your shopping at some point but, like many people you may not fully understand why it matters whether that cow ate grass or not. To help you appreciate grass-fed whey, and exactly what benefits it offers, consider these facts. More Omega-3s – Any meat or dairy sourced from grass-fed cows has several distinct nutritional advantages over the more common feed-lot options. We’ll discuss these […]

If you’ve ever taken the time to glance over the ingredients label of your foods, you know it can be a pretty surprising experience. Seemingly straightforward foods – things that should have one or two ingredients – are generally stuffed with tons of different substances, many of which have long, complex and confusing names. Whey protein, for example, really should just have one ingredient: Whey. After all, the popular protein source […]

People usually associate grass-fed whey protein powder with muscle growth. But, how does this process actually work? Does grass-fed protein have any advantages over your standard protein products? To really answer this question, we need to start with looking at how muscles grow and what role protein plays in that process. The Stimulus When you exercise, you’re actually damaging your muscles. Sorry, but that’s what happens. Don’t worry, though, that’s what […]