Vegan Protein Powder

Vegan Protein Powder

Rice, particularly brown rice, tends to be seen as a type of benign food. In fact, many people assume that brown rice is a safe, healthy option – largely because of its high fiber and protein content. And the same is true for brown rice protein powders. The truth, unfortunately, is that there is one dangerous ingredient that is commonly in brown rice, and protein supplements made from it. What is […]

When following a new diet, it can be challenging to know what foods do and do not fall within the confines of that eating pattern. This can be especially difficult in the case of a highly restrictive diet like the raw food diet. As the name suggests, the raw food diet requires you to eat only raw food. Although, technically, most advocates say that the food simply cannot be heated to […]

Plant-based protein powders can come from tons of sources. A quick search online will show soy, hemp, cranberry, pumpkin seed, artichoke, alfalfa, and countless other types of plants used for their protein. Perhaps one of the most surprising, however, is brown rice. When used as a food item in the typical way, brown rice is generally seen as a source of starch and fiber – it’s rarely hailed for its protein […]

Rice, as a whole, tends to get some pretty bad press. So, when you start seeing organic brown rice protein powder, it can be a little confusing. How exactly is this stuff good for you? Well, let’s set the powder aside and just talk about rice nutrition. By debunking a few of myths surrounding the source grain itself, you may be better able to appreciate the protein powder derived from it. […]

Rice isn’t really one of those foods that we naturally associate with protein. Many vegan-friendly protein powders list brown rice as their main ingredient. This may come as a surprise, as rice isn’t really one of those foods that we naturally associate with protein! Rice is a carbohydrate – right? Is there really protein in brown rice, and – more importantly – what is the quality of the protein in brown […]

Mixing up protein shakes can be tricky business, especially with some of the plant-based proteins out there since these tend to have a little more natural flavor than other options. While organic brown rice protein has a very subtle, slightly sweet flavor – which some have said reminds them of rice milk – it can still be a little daunting to know what to do with it when adding it to […]

Let’s just get this out there: Plant based protein powders do not have a great reputation. And it’s not because they are seen as somehow harmful or inherently bad, people just tend to think that just because a protein isn’t derived from animals in some way, they are of lower quality. In reality, though, this is simply not true. Plant based protein powders actually offer a number of benefits – some […]

Yes, everybody needs plenty of protein. This macronutrient does, after all, contain the amino acids that basically run every function in our body. And, of course, protein makes up muscle. And muscle is important for oh so many reasons. For vegan athletes, however, getting adequate levels of protein to support your goals and training can be a real challenge. Not only do you have greater protein requirements because of your increased […]

Although it’s not normally thought of as a “protein-rich” food, there is a fair amount of protein in the humble rice grain. Once it is extracted, the protein can be converted into a high-quality, extremely useful powder. But… why? What are some of the benefits of brown rice protein powder? Let’s take a look at ten reason to use rice protein. Easily digested – Very often, people taking protein powders or […]

For a long time, vegans didn’t really have a lot of options when it came to protein. Of course, the omnivorous masses could have just about anything they wanted and the vegetarians could still rely on dairy-based supplements, vegans had a tougher time. Dedicated vegans also have to consider the fact that animal products are sometimes hidden in less obvious places. The entire process, then, was a challenging exercise. Over the […]