Meal Replacements

Meal Replacements

Sometimes (okay, most of the time) life is just busy. It’s difficult to plan and prepare meals every single day, especially when life throws a curveball or two. Meal replacement shakes are great to fall back on when time is short or on days when you’re options are less than ideal. Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of a thick, creamy milkshake for lunch?  This twist on a classic vanilla protein […]

What is inulin? Inulin is a naturally-occurring type of soluble fiber that has a chemical structure that allows it to make it through the digestive process relatively unchanged. Once it hits your colon, it can be used by “good” bacteria as a source of nutrients – a prebiotic. Inulin is included in our meal replacement powder because it provides a variety of health benefits as we review below. Inulin and digestive […]

Maybe you didn’t feel like cooking, or you had a toothache, or it was 100 degrees out and you didn’t want to consume anything that wasn’t frosty and cold. But the question remains – can a protein shake replace a meal? Of course, the short answer is “yes”! We’ll get into the specifics shortly, but a protein shake can certainly replace a meal.   Which meals can a protein shake replace? […]

If you’re busy and constantly on the go (who isn’t?), you probably struggle to keep up with following a healthy, balanced diet from time to time. Some days, it’s just quicker and easier to grab something at the gas station on the way to work, or hit the drive-thru on the way home. When this situation happens more often than not, chances are that you notice it starting to catch up […]

When you think of meal replacement shakes, drinking a bland chemical cocktail that tastes suspiciously like cardboard probably comes to mind. Meal replacement shakes are either loaded up with sugar or artificial sweeteners to taste like a dessert or generally healthy but taste lousy. In either case, the shakes serve their purpose as meal planning and prep is time-consuming. Not only does the actual time associated with food prep cut into […]

Losing weight is difficult, especially when you have an uber-busy life. Who really has time to plan and prep all those meals while making sure they’re nutritionally balanced and delicious? If this sounds like you, meal replacement shakes might be the trick. There’s nothing to prepare ahead of time – and at the very most, you might have to combine a powdered shake mix with liquid in a shaker cup. It’s […]