Naked Whey vs. The Others

We get a lot of questions here at Naked Nutrition what makes Naked Whey so great so we’d like to break down the differences.

First, Naked Whey is a United States product through and through and comes, from grass-fed cows in Northern California. It’s very rare that a protein brand will tell you where its raw ingredients come from, and the reason is: they don’t want to tell you. Protein prices fluctuate and for that reason, the cheaper whey proteins may be buying there supply from different continents all over the world.

For example, some brands include a whey called Proserum®. Now this is a great name, but frankly, that’s all it is. Someone decided that they wanted to import whey protein from Australia and New Zealand, and they created a brand to market their product, that’s it.

Even many organic protein brands, won’t even tell you where they get there protein from, and once again it’s because prices and supply fluctuate, so they change their source constantly. Personally, like consistency, and that’s why Naked Whey will only ever from a small group of family farms.

Second, Naked Whey contains only one ingredient: grass fed whey protein concentrate. Many brands will add a sweetener, flavoring, lecithin, etc. to their proteins to cover up their quality. We stand behind the quality of our whey protein, and that’s why when you first try Naked Whey, you’ll know why we’re so confident.

We’ll be breaking down the nutritional differences between Naked Whey and other brands in a future post, so be on the lookout for that.

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