What Protein Should I Buy?

What Protein Should I Buy?

In the world of protein powders, there are tons of options. Surprisingly, things get even more complicated when you start looking specifically at vegan protein powders. As it turns out, many plants are good sources of quality proteins so, with all the choices out there, you’re faced with a tough question: which is the best vegan protein powder for you?   Allergies and Side Effects Several plants that are commonly used […]

Among the many protein sources on the market, the two best-known are the milk proteins whey and casein. Although, whey tends to get most of the attention, casein protein powder is as equally useful and important when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals. But what exactly is casein? Should you be using it?   Starting With Milk As mentioned, both whey and casein are milk proteins, existing in […]

For a long time now, whey protein has been pretty much the unrivaled king of the protein powder world. But, before that, eggs were the protein of choice. And, although it’s not as widely used these days, you can still get your hands on egg white protein powder. In reality, this oft-forgotten protein source does have some pretty unique advantages that they make it a viable option for you. How does […]

When you think of meal replacement shakes, drinking a bland chemical cocktail that tastes suspiciously like cardboard probably comes to mind. Meal replacement shakes are either loaded up with sugar or artificial sweeteners to taste like a dessert or generally healthy but taste lousy. In either case, the shakes serve their purpose as meal planning and prep is time-consuming. Not only does the actual time associated with food prep cut into […]

As you look through the incredible and baffling selection of protein powders on the market, one of the many factors that you’re going to have to consider is flavor. Protein powders can be designed to taste like strawberries, cheesecake, plain old vanilla and a host of other options. And, you can pick up unflavored protein powders, too.   But, why would anyone want a flavorless protein powder? Are there any advantages […]

For the most part, whey and casein tend to dominate the protein powder scene. But, for some people, these milk-derived powders might be off limits. Vegans and some vegetarians, for example would pass on them. Or, individuals who deal with lactose intolerance, allergies, or other food sensitivities may also find themselves looking elsewhere for a convenient source of protein. Thankfully, there are many plant-based options out there. Over the past few […]

With all the different descriptors that can tacked on to whey and other supplements, it’s easy to just sort of overlook some of the claims decorating food labels. But, is it really a good idea to overlook all of them? What about organic whey protein? Is it any healthier than the standard varieties? Think About the Source All whey comes from milk – typically cow’s, but goat’s milk is also sometimes […]

When faced with the staggering variety of protein powders, it can be extremely difficult to know which one to pick. Staring down a wall with whey, casein, soy, hemp, rice and even pea proteins divided up in isolates, concentrates, hydrolysates and tons of other varieties, people often having difficulty with one key question: Which protein powder is best for me? To answer that, there are actually a number of individual factors […]

Likely because of its natural association with building muscle, women tend to be a little hesitant when it comes to taking whey protein powder. In truth, however, everyone – regardless of gender can benefit from whey. That is, f they make the right decision when picking out the product. So, what is the best whey protein powder for women? Go Grass-Fed The vast majority of farm-grown cows are fed grains in […]

People take protein powders for lots of reasons – to balance out their diet, to help them lose weight, even as a general-health supplement. By far, however, the most common use for protein powders is to encourage muscle growth. But there are tons of different protein powders out there. So, which is the best protein powder for muscle gain? What should you look for? Consider the Source Protein powders can be […]