How Sugar Is Killing You You eat a healthy, balanced diet. Sure, you enjoy some sweets, but you try to eat them in moderation and pick the healthiest, most natural options when you do splurge. Of course, you’re not overdoing it on sugar… or are you? Truthfully, it can be difficult to gauge the amount of sugar in our diets these days. The food industry has become creative, crafty, and efficient, […]

People tend to be pretty rough on sugar, blaming it for everything from cancer to diabetes and obesity. Thanks to this negative public image, the classic white sweetener isn’t generally seen as anything even approaching a “health food.” But, the truth is that sugar can be a useful tool in your fitness pursuits – if you use it properly. To understand how to do that, though, we first need to be […]

Over the past several years, sugar has developed a pretty terrible reputation – especially in among athletes and bodybuilders. But, the truth is that the oft-vilified nutrient could be useful when it’s used properly. Taken at the right time, a little bit of sugar can stimulate your muscle growth. Does Sugar Affect Muscle Growth? Sugar hasn’t had a very good time over the past couple of decades. Generally, the nutrient is […]

Suddenly, coconut has become hugely popular. And we aren’t just talking about the fruit itself. No, you’re pretty likely to encounter coconut water, coconut milk, coconut flour and coconut oil pretty regularly. One coconut derivative that you may also see frequently is coconut sugar. But, whenever anything becomes this popular this quickly, it’s pretty natural to take a skeptical view. Is coconut sugar even that healthy? Is it any better than […]

You should be able to assume that your protein powder is healthy and good for you. After all, that’s why you take it, right? Unfortunately, unscrupulous manufacturers often add things into the mix that are… less than beneficial. In fact, these additives can often have surprisingly negative effects on your overall health and well-being. One common, and particularly concerning, additive is Acesulfame Potassium – sometimes called Acesulfame K or simply Ace-K. […]

Diabetes is a complex condition that can impact many facets of life. Type II Diabetes in particular, however, is powerfully influenced by a person’s diet. In an effort to control their diabetes, then, it’s natural that people would be concerned about all of their food choices. And the same goes for whey protein. So, what is the best whey protein for diabetics? Benefits of Whey for Diabetics First, though, are there […]

Let’s just put this out there: Before it makes it to you, most whey isn’t the most appetizing thing in the world. When it’s first separated from whole milk, whey is a slightly bitter, sickly pale, slimy liquid. This are even worse if the whey was poorly processed and burned – which happens often. When the whey gets overheated that “slightly bitter” taste is greatly amplified. Similar situations can arise with […]

Artificial sweeteners – in various forms – are pretty ubiquitous these days, showing up in nearly every food out there. These substances have even managed to find their way in to so-called “diet,” “health” and fitness foods – which actually makes sense on paper. After all, most artificial sweeteners have virtually no caloric value, making them the obvious choice from individuals who want something sweet while trying to cut calories. Unfortunately, […]