Protein Powder Ingredients

Protein Powder Ingredients

If you’ve ever read any ingredients list for… just about anything, there’s a very good chance that you’ve seen soy lecithin. Included among the vast assortment of products that sport this additive is protein supplements. And, since you presumably take protein in order to actively support your healthy lifestyle, it’s worth questioning this ever-present additive. So, then, what is soy lecithin? More importantly, should you avoid protein powers that contain it? […]

People tend to assume that, just because it’s whey protein, a particular protein supplement is automatically safe and healthy. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Sometimes, these low-quality whey protein supplements sell because they’re abnormally cheap. But that doesn’t have to be the case every time. In fact, some very well-known and relatively costly whey protein supplements have been found to be contaminated with dangerous and otherwise unwanted substances. Despite what […]

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you know the struggle of meeting your protein needs. Of course, with proper planning and research, it can absolutely be done. In an effort to ease the process, many vegan and vegetarian athletes turn to vegan protein powders – products that are designed to help you get a solid dose of protein in a convenient package. But, just because it’s labeled as “vegan” doesn’t mean that […]

As we’ve discussed before, there are plenty of whey protein powders available to you – and many have similar talking points. But you may have also noticed that Naked Nutrition is committed to bringing you the absolute best. In our quest to do so, we routinely compare ourselves to similar brands, just to make sure we’re doing a good job. This week, we’re going to take a look at Tera’s whey […]

There are tons of different companies selling protein powders and – of course – each claims to have some distinct advantage. But Naked Nutrition works hard to guarantee the absolute best product available and, to prove it, we’re going to compare our protein powders with some of the others out there. This week: Impact Whey Protein by Myprotein. Sourcing The first thing you should consider when comparing two different proteins is […]

You would expect that the ingredients list on your whey protein supplement would be pretty short, right? I mean… it’s whey protein. So it really should just contain whey. But, of course, that’s not how things go. Tons of other ingredients and additives are thrown into the common whey protein supplement. And the situation is made even more complex and confusing by the addition of countless adjectives. Ingredients can be “isolated,” […]

Artificial sweeteners – in various forms – are pretty ubiquitous these days, showing up in nearly every food out there. These substances have even managed to find their way in to so-called “diet,” “health” and fitness foods – which actually makes sense on paper. After all, most artificial sweeteners have virtually no caloric value, making them the obvious choice from individuals who want something sweet while trying to cut calories. Unfortunately, […]

Cheap protein supplements can be pretty tempting. After all, you likely burn through plenty of protein over the course of a month. The idea, then, of being able to cut some costs probably sounds amazing. And, after all, protein is protein, right? If only. The reality is that manufacturers of cheap protein supplements use some pretty awful, counterproductive tricks to keep prices low. Ultimately, these inferior products could not only be […]

Generally, when people look at the nutrition and ingredient information on a tub of whey protein, they’re pretty much concerned with once thing: the protein content. And, really, this makes sense. After all, it is a protein supplement. Knowing this, manufacturers do all they can to up the concentration of that all-important macronutrient in hopes of attracting and keeping customers. There’s a pretty significant problem with this approach, though. Whey is […]

When you buy a whey protein supplement you probably have some pretty clear expectations. For starters, you probably aren’t looking for a long list of ingredients. After all, whey protein should logically only include one thing: whey protein. And yet, this is very rarely the case. Since whey is naturally almost flavorless, powder manufacturers add all sorts of things to manipulate the flavor and appearance of the final product. Of course, […]