Being Healthy

Being Healthy

Intermittent fasting has gained recent hype in the health and wellness industry. In fact, in 2019, intermittent fasting was one of the most searched diets according to Google Trends 1.  While intermittent fasting may not be for everyone, research suggests that intermittent fasting may provide significant health benefits, especially for improved gut health.  This article will explore what intermittent fasting is as well as the benefits of intermittent fasting with a […]

Collagen is the most abundant type of protein in the body. Although it’s most known for its role in the muscles and connective tissue, this important protein is actually found almost everywhere.  Although your body makes collagen, it’s possible to become deficient with a poor diet. Aging and some health conditions can also decrease the amount and quality of collagen your body produces.  There’s no way to test for collagen deficiency, […]

Eating enough protein throughout the day is sometimes easier said than done. Many of us know that protein is a nutrient that is an important part of a healthy diet.  But finding the time to cook up a high-protein chicken breast or whip up a protein-rich smoothie may not be possible for those of us who have a busy lifestyle. Finding sources of protein that are convenient and easy to enjoy […]

Each year in June, leading up to Father’s Day, National Men’s Health Week is observed to raise awareness about various health conditions that affect a large number of men around the world, like prostate issues, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, among others. National Men’s Health Week provides an occasion and opportunity to make positive changes in your life that promote overall health and reduce your odds of developing conditions like […]

You may have heard the term probiotics before since they are found in a slew of supplements, certain foods, and drinks like kombucha that are readily available in most grocery stores.  Many people know that probiotics are good for them, but they may not realize that when they are consuming them, they are actually welcoming live organisms into their bodies.  Most commonly, probiotics are live and beneficial bacteria. So, when you […]

You may have heard the term ashwagandha when you have walked down the supplement aisle at a drugstore, shopped at a health food store, or learned about a trendy adaptogenic drink like moon milk.   While you may assume that ashwagandha is good for you, do you really know what it is, and what it does to your body?   What is ashwagandha?   Ashwagandha is an ancient herb that has been […]

A greens powder is an excellent addition to anyone’s diet if they are trying to get more greens in. Just one scoop of our super greens powder provides the equivalent of 2 servings of green vegetables and grasses. The product sounds great in theory, but how can people include this powdery green-goodness into their daily lives?    What is a greens powder?   Before we dig into how to use greens […]

Greens powders are finding their way onto grocery store shelves, online shops, and in smoothie recipes.  With their rise in popularity, one can tend to wonder who exactly should be eating greens food supplements? Is it used for certain populations, or is it the type of thing that everybody under the sun needs to have in their lives?   What are super greens powders?   Before we dig into who should […]

If you have walked through any health food or supplement store, you have likely seen green powders on the shelves. With our on-the-go lifestyle and having limited time to prep salads and sautéed veggies, greens powder is appealing to help meet our needs in a convenient way.  But what are green powders? And do you really need it in your diet?   What are super greens powders?   If you take […]

Choosing the best fuel before you hit the (home) gym makes the difference between a mediocre workout and a great workout. What you eat impacts your performance, endurance, and just how good you feel overall while you’re working out. How you fuel your body after your workout is just as important if you want the best results. However, planning what you eat before and after a workout doesn’t necessarily require a […]