Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian Diet

We all know that eating adequate protein is vital for promoting a healthy weight, increasing lean muscle mass, and even for the healing of certain injuries.  While foods like chicken and beef are many people’s go-to choice for protein, there are plenty of other options when meat isn’t available, is being avoided, or simply isn’t appropriate for the setting (who wants to snack on a steak at 3 PM?).  Consuming less […]

Regardless of exactly why you chose to exclude meat and other animal products from your diet, being a vegetarian can come with quite a few challenges. For most people, the chief concern has to do with protein intake. Since animal-based foods are generally seen as the primary source of protein, people often don’t understand how to meet these needs as a vegetarian. In truth, there are many plant-based foods that are […]

A vegetarian diet is one that relies on plant foods rather than animal sources. There are several different variations on this approach. . Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat both dairy products and eggs – which can fix some of the nutritional gaps found in a more traditional plant-based diet. Also, there are ovovegetarians and lactovegetarians, who only add eggs or milk respectively. What is a Vegetarian Diet? Somewhat surprisingly, there are lots of […]

You know that, to bulk up, you need protein. But, as a vegetarian, that can seem like a pretty daunting task. Of course, a properly constructed plant-based diet can provide plenty of protein for clean bulk, but it will take some work. So, we’d like to help you get started. Here is a basic vegetarians’ guide to clean bulking, complete with some helpful principles to help you put on all that […]

Although many people seem to think otherwise, vegans who eat a variety of foods generally have no problem getting adequate levels of protein. The difficulty, though, becomes finding ways to sneak more of that plant protein into your diet in interesting and delicious ways. Of course, using a quality plant protein powder can help. Still, you’re going to be faced with the challenge of using that powder creatively. To get you […]

When it comes to diet and food choices, you have tons of options. Of course, the two main classifications tend to be omnivorous or herbivorous but, there’s also something in between. Flexitarianism, also known as semi-vegetarianism, presents a unique dietary lifestyle that offers many benefits. Essentially, a flexitarian is a vegetarian who sometimes eats meat and/or fish. That’ it. But, with any diet, questions sometimes come up about what is or […]

One of the major criticisms vegans and vegetarians face has to do with their protein intake. In general, people do not understand how – by eating nothing but plant-based foods – someone can meet their dietary needs and keep up with the demands of their lifestyle. And yet, many vegan athletes perform incredibly well in their sports. How? First, it’s important to recognize a simple, oft-forgotten fact: There is lots of […]

Plant based protein powders are pretty fascinating things. For one thing, many people don’t fully appreciate what they’re capable of and they tend to go largely unnoticed. But the truth is that plant based protein powders are incredibly valuable nutritional tools – particularly for the vegans and vegetarians out there. Perhaps one of the most surprising things people notice when shopping for plant based protein powders is that they are occasionally […]

Plant-based proteins, unfortunately, don’t have a great a reputation. And this is really pretty unfair. Most people, however, are under the impression that animal proteins are just automatically superior. The truth, though, is that vegan protein powders have some very distinct benefits that many aren’t aware of. Here are (in no particular order) just 10 surprising facts about the under-appreciated group of plant-based, vegan protein powders. Complete Proteins – One of […]

If you’re like most people, when you think about protein powder you are likely focused on whey or casein. This can be limiting for some individuals, though, if they deal with lactose intolerance or try to avoid animal products for other reasons. But, because of the stranglehold that milk products have on the world of protein supplements, several lesser known plant proteins go relatively unnoticed. Which is a shame, because they […]