Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

Cow’s milk – and really traditional dairy in general – has been gradually losing quite a bit of popularity over the past several years. And, while fitness enthusiasts in the past would commonly toss a cup or so of cow’s milk into their protein shakes in the past, many are now switching to one of the many milk alternatives that are out there. Of all of these other options, almond milk […]

The Paleo Diet – despite facing its fair share of controversy – has rapidly gained popularity over the past several years. Although there are many different takes on the diet, Paleo is essentially about getting back to the dietary routine of paleolithic humans. According to its supporters, going Paleo has tons of benefits. One of these perks that attracts a lot of attention, though, has to do with the diets impact […]

The increasingly popular Paleo Diet is built on a pretty interesting idea: Humanity should eat the way our ancestors ate. Generally, that means lots of minimally-processed meats, fish, fruits, vegetables and meats. But, there is quite a bit more to this diet than that. What is the Paleo Diet? Among the many buzzwords that get passed around the fitness community these days, paleo is one of the most common. The Paleo […]

Over the past few years, the paleo diet has gained lots of attention in the health and fitness world. And, its supporters claim, it can help just about anyone to live healthier, more active lives. But, as an athlete, you have unique nutritional needs. So, the natural question is: Does the Paleo Diet work for athletes? What Is It? Before we can answer that question, though, we need to be clear […]

When you first decide to go paleo, food choices can be a tricky business. What, exactly, is acceptable? Sometimes, you’ll come across some very general rules like: “Avoid processed foods.” And while this is just generally good dietary practice, it tends to raise some more questions. After all, lots of foods are technically “processed.” Just cooking a food is a type of processing. Thanks to this confusion, people often don’t know […]

When following a new diet, it can be challenging to know what foods do and do not fall within the confines of that eating pattern. This can be especially difficult in the case of a highly restrictive diet like the raw food diet. As the name suggests, the raw food diet requires you to eat only raw food. Although, technically, most advocates say that the food simply cannot be heated to […]

Although there are many different versions of the Paleo Diet, the basic principles always remain the same: Stick to whole, organic foods that resemble the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors as closely as possible. But, as is the case with any diet, it can be difficult to meet all of your nutritional needs with standard foods – which is where protein powders become powerfully useful. What protein powders are fitting for […]