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Protein Snack Recipes

Protein Snack Recipes

Vanilla is a fantastically useful flavor. Because of its subtlety, vanilla protein powder can really be used in tons of different ways, pairing well with lots of flavors. To help you get started working with that new vanilla protein powder, here are three delicious recipes. Note: Naked Nutrition is proud to vanilla whey, casein and pea protein powders – all of which use nothing but protein, natural vanilla and organic coconut […]

Whey protein powder is pretty awesome for several reasons. But one of the most attractive features of this highly nutritious food is just how ridiculously convenient and adaptable it is. Of course, the simplest – and common – application of whey protein is that it can just be tossed into a shaker cup with some water or milk. And that’s it. Still, it’s pretty easy to get more creative than that. […]

So you have your brand new, fancy pants brown rice protein powder… now what? Of course, you can toss it into some water and drink it old school, or you can get a little more creative. Here are five recipes to get you started. Chocolate Coconut Granola 1 ½ cup rolled oats pinch cinnamon pinch salt ¼ cup honey ¼ cup coconut oil, melted 1 scoop Naked Rice protein powder ¼ […]

As you may or may not be aware, both whey and casein are components of milk that are separated during the cheesemaking process. The whey is the liquid portion left behind while casein makes up the solid curds that are removed for making glorious cheese. This means that casein is, among other this, much creamier than whey. When it comes to more creative applications, then, casein is a perfect candidate for […]