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Protein Powder Recipes

Protein Powder Recipes

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For a long time now, whey protein has been pretty much the unrivaled king of the protein powder world. But, before that, eggs were the protein of choice. And, although it’s not as widely used these days, you can still get your hands on egg white protein powder. In reality, this oft-forgotten protein source does have some pretty unique advantages that they make it a viable option for you. How does […]

With a distinct taste, pea protein can sometimes be a tough ingredient for any smoothie. For those who want a great vegan protein with a spectacular amino acid profile though, pea protein is tough to beat. Some people complain that a plant-based protein doesn’t does taste like a whey protein shake for example.  This is because plant-based protein has a totally different consistency than a milk-based protein. Instead of becoming sticky when you […]

Quick answer: Yes, protein powder can expire due to Maillard browning which is the breakdown of lysine, a key amino acid in protein powders. To check if your protein powder expired smell or taste a small amount and trust your senses. For more details read on. If you use protein powder as a supplement to help fill in occasional gaps in your diet, there’s a strong chance that tubs of the […]

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to look for other ways to use all that protein powder they have stockpiled. Just tossing into a shaker cup with some water isn’t enough anymore. We see now tons of recipes for using whey and other protein powders in baking and other unexpected places. But, what about egg white protein powder? In addition to using it the same way that whey and other powders […]

As you look through the incredible and baffling selection of protein powders on the market, one of the many factors that you’re going to have to consider is flavor. Protein powders can be designed to taste like strawberries, cheesecake, plain old vanilla and a host of other options. And, you can pick up unflavored protein powders, too.   But, why would anyone want a flavorless protein powder? Are there any advantages […]

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Is the ketogenic diet (“keto”) a separate diet from a low-carb diet? Yes, it is different. It’s similar in many ways, but not one and the same, and the difference is apparent when it comes to weight loss. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.   What is the difference between keto and low-carb? Separating the two can get a little tricky. “Low-carb” can refer to a few different […]

Introducing the new year is also a great time to introduce a new, healthier lifestyle. New Year’s Resolutions do not have a great reputation. Many of us want a fresh start to really get our fitness goals on track, but few truly know where to start. Despite all the good intentions built into these annual promises to self, things don’t normally pan out the way that the resolver planned. Most of […]

If you’re like most people, these past few weeks have not been good to your waistline. Even if you didn’t gain much over the holiday season, many people use the New Year as a time to make all sorts of resolutions about losing weight, eating better, and just generally being more fit. Regardless what your exact goal is for your New Year’s Diet, protein will be a major part of it. […]

It has been well-established that collagen is both safe and effective for a variety of uses ranging from arthritis pain relief to improving the appearance of your skin. If you count yourself among those of us who like to know exactly what a supplement is and how it works before adding it to your regimen – keep reading! We’ll dig into how collagen is formed. What is collagen made of? Just […]

How many times have you picked up a supplement bottle and read something along the lines of “take 1 to 4 pills, 2 to 3 times per day”? When you first start taking a new supplement, sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to determine the optimal dosage for your needs. Often, the packaging or label can be rather vague about how much you should actually take. Luckily, our […]