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Protein Facts

Protein Facts

For plenty of people, whey protein powder is associated with one thing: bulking. When we see shaker cups, we think of big, muscly bodybuilders chugging gallons of the stuff. In truth, though, this is only part of the picture. It is true that whey protein powder can be a great way to support muscle growth. When used properly, though, whey can also be a powerful weapon against body fat. How exactly […]

Let’s just get this out there: Plant based protein powders do not have a great reputation. And it’s not because they are seen as somehow harmful or inherently bad, people just tend to think that just because a protein isn’t derived from animals in some way, they are of lower quality. In reality, though, this is simply not true. Plant based protein powders actually offer a number of benefits – some […]

Plant-based proteins, unfortunately, don’t have a great a reputation. And this is really pretty unfair. Most people, however, are under the impression that animal proteins are just automatically superior. The truth, though, is that vegan protein powders have some very distinct benefits that many aren’t aware of. Here are (in no particular order) just 10 surprising facts about the under-appreciated group of plant-based, vegan protein powders. Complete Proteins – One of […]

Although it’s not normally thought of as a “protein-rich” food, there is a fair amount of protein in the humble rice grain. Once it is extracted, the protein can be converted into a high-quality, extremely useful powder. But… why? What are some of the benefits of brown rice protein powder? Let’s take a look at ten reason to use rice protein. Easily digested – Very often, people taking protein powders or […]

Think you know a thing or two about protein supplements? Here are 10 facts about this popular product – and the work that goes into making it – that you might not be aware of. They could be packed with heavy metals – A 2010 study, conducted by Consumer Reports, found dangerous levels of arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury in several highly popular protein supplements. These substances can cause a host […]

One would think that buying protein powder would be a pretty simple, straightforward process. It is not. Not only are there all sorts of different sources available – whey, casein, pea, soy, hemp, and so on – but these proteins can all be processed in a variety of ways. The most popular and common protein, for example, is whey which is generally available in one of two different forms: concentrate or […]

Protein supplements generally seem like a pretty straightforward product at first, leading many to forget that they are technically “supplements.” The truth is, however, that a lot goes into these common features of the fitness world – plenty of things that you should be aware of and probably aren’t. So, in an effort to keep you informed, here (in no particular order) are 10 things you need to know about protein […]

People love their protein. And for good reason; high protein diets have been linked with all sorts of benefits – including improved body composition. And thanks to this protein craze that has developed over recent years, we’re beginning to see all sorts of protein supplements on the market boasting various processes and ingredients. Most interestingly, these powders have been coming from a host of new (and often surprising) sources. Of particular […]

Whey protein powder – by far one of the most popular supplements out there – tends to be associated with a particular class of exerciser. Specifically, people generally think of big, muscle-bound, bodybuilder-types chugging whey protein shakes several times a day in an effort to bulk up. Unfortunately, this limited view has meant that plenty of people have missed out on a powerful and underpublicized benefit of whey: weight loss. How […]

Whey protein has a ton of health benefits, even though most people immediately associate it with the health and fitness realm. And, within that application, there’s a good reason for its popularity: Whey protein has been shown to encourage an overall healthy body composition – meaning it helps to builds lean muscle and reduce fat. The popular powder, though, has plenty of other uses. For one thing, whey can be extremely […]