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Gluten Free Diet

Gluten Free Diet

Logically, it seems like ALL protein powders should be gluten free. After all, they’re just made from powdered whey or casein or pea or rice, right? How is it possible for an oft-vilified wheat protein find its way in there? Unfortunately, gluten has found a way to sneak into many of the top-selling protein powders on the market. For people with gluten allergies or insensitivities (or people who want to eat […]

Gluten-free diets have been exceedingly popular over the past few years, for numerous reasons. In some cases, individuals are dealing with a serious condition known as Celiac Disease. Others experience severe digestive problems when they ingest foods contain gluten. Still others hope to gain any number of health benefits from abstaining from the wheat protein. But, how can one successfully go gluten-free? What are some foods and ingredients to avoid on […]

The Gluten-free diet is a diet that exclude gluten. Gluten is a protein that is naturally found in many plants, especially grains like wheat, barley, and rye, that helps to give foods structure. In fact, gluten is largely responsible for the pleasing texture of bread and other baked goods. Since it’s such an effective filler, gluten is commonly added to many processed foods and is even used in some medications. Traditionally, […]

Kids crave sugar, that’s just science. As a health-conscious parent, though, you’re deeply interested in keeping your kids healthy and teaching them how to eat right. To support your noble efforts, we humbly present the following recipe for gluten-free protein powder muffins. Each muffin packs about 7g of protein, 20g of health carbs and just 2g of fat. This particular recipe is for blueberry muffins but you can easily tweak things […]