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Diabetics Diet

Diabetics Diet

Diabetes is an extremely common condition, impacting close to 30 million Americans in 2012 according to the American Diabetes Association. Fortunately, many symptoms of diabetes can be well controlled by making a few changes to one’s diet and lifestyle. Know what changes to make, though, can be a real challenge thanks to all the misconceptions that are out there. To help you sort through all this misinformation and properly manage your […]

Type II diabetes can often to treated through diet and lifestyle changes. Specifically, a diabetic’s diet should consist of complex carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats, eaten at regular intervals to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. What Should Be a Diabetic’s Diet? Diabetes, whether Type I or II, can be a serious and life-threatening condition. While Type I diabetes, though, is fairly rare and does require medical intervention, Type II is largely […]

Diabetes is a complex condition that can impact many facets of life. Type II Diabetes in particular, however, is powerfully influenced by a person’s diet. In an effort to control their diabetes, then, it’s natural that people would be concerned about all of their food choices. And the same goes for whey protein. So, what is the best whey protein for diabetics? Benefits of Whey for Diabetics First, though, are there […]

Whey protein has a ton of health benefits, even though most people immediately associate it with the health and fitness realm. And, within that application, there’s a good reason for its popularity: Whey protein has been shown to encourage an overall healthy body composition – meaning it helps to builds lean muscle and reduce fat. The popular powder, though, has plenty of other uses. For one thing, whey can be extremely […]