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Protein Recipes & Facts

Protein Recipes & Facts

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For a long time now, whey protein has been pretty much the unrivaled king of the protein powder world. But, before that, eggs were the protein of choice. And, although it’s not as widely used these days, you can still get your hands on egg white protein powder. In reality, this oft-forgotten protein source does have some pretty unique advantages that they make it a viable option for you. How does […]

With a distinct taste, pea protein can sometimes be a tough ingredient for any smoothie. For those who want a great vegan protein with a spectacular amino acid profile though, pea protein is tough to beat. Some people complain that a plant-based protein doesn’t does taste like a whey protein shake for example.  This is because plant-based protein has a totally different consistency than a milk-based protein. Instead of becoming sticky when you […]

Requiring its users to maintain extremely low levels of carbohydrate intake, the ketogenic – or keto – diet can be pretty difficult to get used it. The biggest trouble is still getting adequate levels of other nutrients, like protein and fat, so that you can keep your energy levels up while doing without your primary source of fuel. In this regard, protein powders can be powerful tools. There is sometimes confusion, […]

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to look for other ways to use all that protein powder they have stockpiled. Just tossing into a shaker cup with some water isn’t enough anymore. We see now tons of recipes for using whey and other protein powders in baking and other unexpected places. But, what about egg white protein powder? In addition to using it the same way that whey and other powders […]

Powdered peanut butter might seem like a novelty at first – just a new way to enjoy an old favorite – but it’s so much more than that. In order to achieve that interested powdered state, most of the fat and oils have been pressed out of the nuts. And, with them, most of the calories. Just to show you the difference, let’s look at the difference between a popular natural […]

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Logically, it seems like ALL protein powders should be gluten free. After all, they’re just made from powdered whey or casein or pea or rice, right? How is it possible for an oft-vilified wheat protein find its way in there? Unfortunately, gluten has found a way to sneak into many of the top-selling protein powders on the market. For people with gluten allergies or insensitivities (or people who want to eat […]

As you look through the incredible and baffling selection of protein powders on the market, one of the many factors that you’re going to have to consider is flavor. Proteins powders can be designed to taste like strawberries, cheesecake, plain old vanilla and a host of other options. And then you have the ability to pick up unflavored protein powders, too. But, why would anyone want a flavorless protein powder? Are […]

“Clean eating” is sort of a tricky concept, because depending on who you ask, you may receive a variety of definitions and explanations. But the one thing that most clean eaters can agree on is this: Clean eating is about picking whole, minimally-processed, nutrient-dense foods. Contrary to how it might sound, clean eating is not a highly-restrictive diet. In fact, working from that primary rule, clean eating allows you a wide […]

At Naked Nutrition, nothing is more important to us than helping you meet your nutrition and fitness goals. No matter what stage you’re at in your fitness journey, we can all use a little outside help from time to time, whether it’s new workout routine suggestion, creative nutritious recipes, or a motivational story or quote. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of the top 110 fitness bloggers from across the […]

Regardless of exactly why you chose to exclude meat and other animal products from your diet, being a vegetarian can come with quite a few challenges. For most people, the chief concern has to do with protein intake. Since animal-based foods are generally seen as the primary source of protein, people often don’t understand how to meet these needs as a vegetarian. In truth, there are many plant-based foods that are […]