Protein Shake Recipes & Facts

The internet is packed with recipes for creative ways to use all that protein powder you have stored away – covering everything from pancakes to pasta and soups. But, people are sometimes afraid to cook with protein powder out of fear of denaturing the precious titular macronutrient. What is denatured protein? Does cooking with protein […]

does baking with whey denature it

Surgery, of any type, can be a pretty challenging ordeal. First of all, there’s the mental component of dealing with the prospect of going through the procedure. And then there’s the recovery process. Many experts and doctors, however, have been exploring the potential usefulness of protein supplements after surgery. How can protein supplements assist with […]

what kind of protein powder after surgery

People take protein powder for lots of different reasons. Generally, though, the main idea is to develop a lean physique with plenty of powerful muscle and as little fat as possible. But, sometimes concerns arise when people look at the nutrition information on the tub of their favorite protein powder. After all, there is a […]

will protein powder make me fat

Let’s be honest. As much as we all love pizza, it’s not exactly what most would traditionally consider a “health food.” Various fats, piled high on a bed of carbs does not amount to a balanced meal. But, what if you could swap out some of the carbs for protein? Give this protein pizza recipe […]

can you make pizza with protein powder

Supplements, of any class, are generally a source of concern – whether that suspicion is warranted or not. Typically, though, is concern is really just the result of misinformation or a lack of understanding regarding exactly how a particular substance affects the human body. Of course, sometimes there is a legitimate reason to worry. Occasionally, […]

is it healthy to take mass or weight gainer

It’s not unusual for people to be a little cautious around supplements, even common things like whey protein. But is there actually a solid reason to worry about whey protein? What are some common side effects associated with whey? Should you really be concerned? Lactose Intolerance Whey, and the related protein casein, is extracted from […]

does whey protein make your stomach upset

Losing weight is a bit of a tricky process, for several reasons. First of all, it’s hard. But, the real challenge is making sure that you lose the right kind of weight. When you start cutting – and burning – lots of calories, there’s a very real concern that some of your muscle could also […]

how to lose fat and gain muscle

Cow’s milk – and really traditional dairy in general – has been gradually losing quite a bit of popularity over the past several years. And, while fitness enthusiasts in the past would commonly toss a cup or so of cow’s milk into their protein shakes in the past, many are now switching to one of […]

is almond milk better than cows milk

If you’ve been around the health and fitness world for any length of time, you doubtlessly know how important protein is, regardless of your goal. The truth, though, is that it can be difficult to meet your daily protein needs. Sometimes, it just equates to a ton of food. So, in an effort to ease […]

how much protein powder should I have in a day

Between allergens and additives, there are lots of things that the health-conscious consumer needs to consider. Unfortunately, lots of potentially harmful vitamin supplements tend to slip through unchecked – largely thanks to their “natural” banners. One of the most surprising, and problematic, aspects of vitamin supplements has to do with their inclusion of Genetically Modified […]

worst gmo supplements for you
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