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Protein Recipes & Facts

Protein Recipes & Facts

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With a distinct taste, pea protein can sometimes be a tough ingredient for any smoothie. For those who want a great vegan protein with a spectacular amino acid profile though, pea protein is tough to beat. Some people complain that a plant-based protein doesn’t does taste like a whey protein shake for example.  This is because plant-based protein has a totally different consistency than a milk-based protein. Instead of becoming sticky when you […]

For a long time now, whey protein has been pretty much the unrivaled king of the protein powder world. But, before that, eggs were the protein of choice. And, although it’s not as widely used these days, you can still get your hands on egg white protein powder. In reality, this oft-forgotten protein source does have some pretty unique advantages that they make it a viable option for you. How does […]

Requiring its users to maintain extremely low levels of carbohydrate intake, the ketogenic – or keto – diet can be pretty difficult to get used it. The biggest trouble is still getting adequate levels of other nutrients, like protein and fat, so that you can keep your energy levels up while doing without your primary source of fuel. In this regard, protein powders can be powerful tools. There is sometimes confusion, […]

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to look for other ways to use all that protein powder they have stockpiled. Just tossing into a shaker cup with some water isn’t enough anymore. We see now tons of recipes for using whey and other protein powders in baking and other unexpected places. But, what about egg white protein powder? In addition to using it the same way that whey and other powders […]

As you may or may not be aware, both whey and casein are components of milk that are separated during the cheesemaking process. The whey is the liquid portion left behind while casein makes up the solid curds that are removed for making glorious cheese. This means that casein is, among other this, much creamier than whey. When it comes to more creative applications, then, casein is a perfect candidate for […]

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For the gluten-free athletes out there, pizza can present a terrible challenge. For one thing, it’s pizza. And who doesn’t want pizza? But, it’s pretty challenging to manage the clean removal of gluten from a bread-based meal. Of course, there are other challenges involved. Specifically, pizza isn’t exactly well-rounded from a nutritional perspective – depending on what toppings you opt for. Fortunately, there are options. In fact, this gluten free protein […]

People tend to be pretty rough on sugar, blaming it for everything from cancer to diabetes and obesity. Thanks to this negative public image, the classic white sweetener isn’t generally seen as anything even approaching a “health food.” But, the truth is that sugar can be a useful tool in your fitness pursuits – if you use it properly. To understand how to do that, though, we first need to be […]

There are lots of reasons why women start working out. Often, though, appearance have something to do with it. It’s extremely common for women (and men) to set out on their fitness journey, looking to increase muscle tone and shed body fat or, put more simply, to get “toned.” Unfortunately, most of the advice flooding the internet intended to help you tone up is just plain wrong. There really is no […]

There’s a very distinct danger when it comes to protein shakes: they can get pretty boring. After all, one of the main reasons that people depend on shakes is because the liquid snacks can be tossed together in a few minutes and taken on the go. It’s all about convenience. And, as tempting as it might sound, complicated flavors don’t seem convenient. But, with a little creativity and planning, they can […]

  There are some ideas, when it comes to health and fitness, that are just deeply embedded in our minds and culture. One of these – and probably the most prevalent and persistent – is the idea that you absolutely need to stretch both before and after you work out. This, the thinking goes, will improve your performance, decrease your risk of injury and reduce any soreness that you might experience. […]